Mobile Universal is an award-winning creative digital agency that represents New York’s leading brands.
At the crossroads of Mobile and Web technologies, Mobile Universal is a pioneer in brand management services by creating and managing brands as valuable business assets.
Specializing in Mobile Applications Development, Search Engine Marketing, Social Local Mobile Marketing,
Mobile Universal is listed as one of the top technology companies. Mobile Universal is Made in NY

Mobile Applications

Customized apps for businesses.
Elegant interface and essential features.
Available for iPhone, iPad & Android.

Online Advertising

High visibility and exposure on Google.
Online videos and business commercials.
Reviews and reputation management.

Mobile & Web Design

Responsive and unique visual designs.
Optimized for smartphones and tablets.
Content and social media integration.

Brand Management

Transforming businesses into brands.
Manage mobile, web and print media.
Innovative strategies and proven results.




  • 5 M’s of Mobile Universal
  • Mission – What is the experience you are delivering?
  • Market – Who wants that experience?
  • Message – What is the message that resonates with them?
  • Money – What is your goal and what do you plan to invest in building a brand?
  • Methods – What strategies will you implement to accomplish the goal?



  • Create awesome apps and mobile websites, interact with on-the-go customers.
  • Custom app on iTunes and Android to transform your business into a market brand.
  • Optimize your business to appear in mobile search and mobile advertising.
  • Customers more likely to buy a product or service if your site is optimized for mobile.
  • Identify targeted customers and provide unique and personalized mobile deals.
  • Build loyalty program for engaging users and attract new customers.




Customer thoughts on why Mobile Universal is the Best Digital Marketing Agency in New York

  • It’s amazing to see the difference in results when you deal with real professionals, artists and programmers who understand the importance of quality design, eye tracking, call to action, etc.  The team keeps to a schedule, works on budget, communicates efficiently. My business was on Google’s first page within a week. They always have the big ideas!

  • It is rare for me to give out testimonials, but Mobile Universal deserves it. They are talented, creative, dependable & personable. What more could you possibly want in a company? They have transformed our businesses into great brands. I have directed many friends & business partners over to Mobile Universal and their experiences were as great as mine.

  • Best Digital Agency in New York hands down! Great for Mobile, Social Media and Search Engine Marketing. They’re extremely knowledgeable in SEO and getting your site visibility like you’ve never seen. They’re refreshingly affordable, efficient and excellent at what they do, which is helping you achieve your design, SEO and social media goals.