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Why Choose Us

Award Winning Mobile and Digital Design

MobileU (Mobile Universal) is an award-winning mobile design and digital advertising agency that represents New York’s leading brands. At the crossroads of Mobile and Web technologies, MobileU is a pioneer in brand management services by creating and managing brands as valuable business assets. Specializing in Mobile Applications Development, Search Engine Marketing, Social Local Mobile Marketing, MobileU is listed as one of the top technology companies. MobileU is Made in NY.

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The Brands You Trust, Trust Us

From startups to fortune 100 we have worked with great brands, crafting visually stunning, highly functional and user friendly mobile apps and web designs. We are spread out all over the world, and wouldn’t have it any other way. When we need to collaborate in person, we call New York City home.

Technology with Design as Center of Gravity

Our team is comprised of artists, designers, geeks, researchers, marketers, and writers. We could tell you about our “innovative approaches” and “cutting-edge solutions,” but then we would sound like everyone else. Hence, we focus on snagging the coveted accounts, hatching some of the brightest ideas and reaping real business results for our clients.

We are Interested in You

Sometimes simply receiving a paycheck is not enough. We are interested in the story you want to tell, the reasons you want to grow and the obstacles you have faced thus far. We learn where you want to go and help develop a killer plan to get there.

We Design Apps For

Restaurants & Catering
Small Businesses
Realtors & Real Estate
Music & Bands
Law Firms
Hotels & Bars
Sports & Fitness
Beauty & Spa
Schools & Colleges
Events & Conferences
and many more...

White Label

Start your own Mobile App Business

Our white label program allows full brand control of our mobile app builder. Design and sell mobile apps to your clients under your company name. We give you everything you need to create apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, and HTML5 under your own brand.

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App Developer for Startups and Entrepreneurs

Our white label program is specifically designed for marketing companies, design agencies, and entrepreneurs looking to start their own mobile app business and sell apps to their clients.

Generous Pricing and Awesome Technology Support

Generous bulk discount pricing available for our white label clients. Design hundreds of mobile apps using our platform with discounts of over 75% off. Unlimited access to video tutorials and promotional resources so you have all the tools you need to take your business to the next level.

Be a Leader in Mobile and Digital Innovation

MobileU powers 50k+ apps around the globe. White labeling our software ensures that your company will always be able to provide the latest in mobile marketing solutions to your clients.

What We Do Best

Mobile Apps

Web Design

Text Message Marketing

Social Media

Video Commercials


Search Engine Optimization

Online Reputation

Software Design

Brand Management

Graphic Design

Content Marketing